Tuesday, October 30, 2007


We hit Hong Kong without a hitch. No one at the Nanning airport cared that a woman the size of a whale was boarding the plane. Perhaps whales travel often?

The baby has opened a disco club these last two days - perhaps the last party before the grand exit (or entrance?). He's seriously ready to get out, and I am ready for him to get out too! The doctor agreed yesterday, so everything's a go for tomorrow morning.

We head to the hospital in 2 hours. Please think of us and we'll let you know ASAP all the birthing details!

He'll be born November 1 at 9am in Hong Kong - and October 31 at 8pm in America. (Thank goodness for the All Saint's Day birthday on November 1!)

Photos coming soon!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Speak to me, baby!

Is he knocking to come out?

Is he saying, "Get me out, please."

Is he saying, "GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!"

Is he saying, "Ha! I'm really a girl!"

Is he saying, "Who's out there listening?"

3, 2, 1

Counting down.
10 toes I cannot reach now.
9 steps from the bed to the toilet during the night.
8 ways to make toast to eat in the morning.
7 times I drop something I cannot pick up.
6 days until the kid comes out.
5 digits I hope he has on his hands and feet.
4 meals I eat a day.
3 days until we leave for Hong Kong.
2 in our family as of today.
1 big baby boy who looks like... (that's the BIG QUESTION!)?