Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Born in Honk Bang

That's my new name for Hong Kong - Honk Bang. I amazed that my husband doesn't sleep very well. He wakes up very easily at most any disturbance. However, after growing up in Hong Kong the first 18 years of his life, you'd think he could sleep through a typhoon, which I'm sure many Hong Konger's have done!

Levi is undisturbed by the honking, banging and general steady hum of traffic, construction and what-not that goes on in this city. The funny thing about Hong Kong is, it's a TALL city. Apartment building blocks can reach more than 30 stories. It seems a race to see who can make the tallest building.

So, from the 16th floor of the flat we are staying in, I estimate that I can see more than 200 other apartments in the surrounding 2 apartment blocks and mine. And if you are wondering how that is possible, consider that the apartment we are staying in is only 600 square feet (and can house a family of 4!). They pack the people in and high in Honk Bang!

Let's hope Levi sleeps like his mother! 9 hours would be nice, thank you, and do not disturb. (Definitely my mantra BEFORE motherhood.) Now, it's "Just one more minute, please."

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