Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just the three of us.

Ng2 is officially changed to Ng3 as indicated by our new son. Please let us proudly introduce to you Jonathan "Levi" Ng. Levi was born this morning on November 1, 07 at 9:18 AM. He weighs 3.5 kg or 7 lb and 11 oz. He is 52 cm long (i.e. 20.5 inches).
Mama Terri did really well with this instant weight loss, though she described the experience was like soemone tried to pull a brand new tire out of her six-inch incision!


Josh said...


Linda said...

ahhhh!! What a beautiful family! Lots of love to all!

Mel said...

We are so excited for you both!

We know the Lord will bless little Levi - Our prayers are with you and Francis as you learn to care for little Levi!

Can't wait to meet him!

love ya

Clement said...

Dear Francis and Terri,

Congratulations for the arrival of Levi. There is so much joy and lessons to come.

We pray for your family health, wholeness and holiness.

Love from all of us.

HT, Lisa, .. .....

Eden said...


he's so cute! well we can't wait to meet Levi next time he comes to America. =) Tell him hello for us.

We are praying for you.

Love you three so much,