Monday, November 19, 2007

Disposable Thumbs/Attachment Disorder

Little did I know that the muscles that needed the most workout were in my thumbs! I'm thankful for the opposable thumb - helping me keep his head straight and on target as well as keeping all necessary objects in their proper place at 3 hour intervals! Ouch! Opposable thumbs? How about disposable thumbs?!

And... the BOOK (What to Expect the First Year) has that the umbilical cord will usually fall off around 10 days. Here we are on Day 20 and I fear Levi has some kind of detachment disorder. He is absolutely unwilling to detach himself from that thing! We're hoping before Thanksgiving (in 2 days) so we can give him a really good bath. We've been sponging him around here and there so far! Stinky little booger.

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Mel said...

one bit of advice for the umbilical cord. If you can keep it DRY it will fall off faster. I always applied a little powder around it to keep the moisture away- hope it falls off sooner rather than later!

have a happy thanksgiving