Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Here's me and Mom. This has been a strange week for me. After getting out of the hospital on day 5, jaundice sprang up and we were back at the pediatrician's office at the hospital. Mom had to step up the breastfeeding schedule (so no sleep for her) and levels went a bit down. But, after retesting, Mom had to put the breast milk aside for 3 days (and she caught up on sleep, hence, the blog update!), and Daddy stepped in with the feedings with a bottle. Also, Gracelyn is here, our American friend from China. So, Mommy, Daddy and Gracelyn can take a rotation during the night to feed me. Ha! But Mommy still has to get up and get that milk out by pumping so everything will be okay once I get back to feeding on breastmilk. So, we test again on Friday - checking liver function and jaundice levels. Who knows what the doctor will say? But, I'm glad I'm growing!

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carriewilliams said...

He is abosolutley beautiful, I wish I could love on him some before he starts talking back, lol. Hurry home. I am praying for ya'll. I remember how hard it was not to get any sleep so I feel your pain. Love ya'll.

Carrie Williams